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About Me

Chadwick Burroughs is an accomplished North American domestic freight expert in the Chemical, Medical, and Manufacturing supply chain industry. His career timeline across an  18+ year span includes roles as analyst, operations, management, and senior corporate subject matter.

Industry Experience

Chadwick has successfully delivered impactful savings in 3rd Party Management costs, Warehouse sourcing negotiation,  Fleet vehicle buybacks, Carrier Network annual bids, and Staff development / promotions. With a demonstrated history of project management, integrated logistics support programs, and supply coordination, Chadwick uses career learnings to work collaboratively with his professional colleagues. Operational experience ensures truck networks are running as close to maximum revenue potential as legally allowable by DOT. Chadwick leads safety and process controls for material management and inventory reconciliation. He is an effective partner with senior leadership groups for project initiations. Highly proficient in Industry Market Analysis and excellent communicator Chadwick uses his abilities to influence staff through coaching management.


49 CFR DOT, IATA, IMDG. He also holds a CLASS A CDL License with Hazardous Endorsements.


Combining years of experience into every course

Board Member

Troops 2 Logistics

Board Member at large


Council Chair - International Trade



Member and Atlanta Data Lead

Women in International Trade

Member - New York Chapter

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