Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I take first?

For the full Agate Experience it is recommended that students take the full 4 or 6 week intensive course. The next course begins September 2021.

Do I need any experience before taking a course?

No, the courses are designed for beginners and experienced professionals needing a refresher.

How long is the course?

The Spring & Fall Intensive Course is 6 weeks. The Intensive Course Summer is 4 weeks.

How long are webinars?

Webinars are 3 - 4 hrs.

Are additional training options available?

Yes, Agate also offers customized training with content based on individual objectives. Including extended courses and webinars.

What time does the class start and what is the duration of the class?

Class starts at 7pm sharp on Mondays to 8:30pm. Instructors are available until 9pm for Q&A.

Why should I sign up for a course if all this info is available on the internet?

The Agate experience provides a long-term solution to meet the needs of students and clients. These services include a mentoring roundtable, subject matter expert instructors, consultations, and customized content to address your individual needs. We are here to support your lifetime business, professional career, and personal development.

Are the courses refundable?

Agate Solutions has a no refund policy; however, we understand that due to unforeseen circumstances students may need specific accommodations which is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Does the course include a graduation?

Yes, each intensive includes a virtual graduation ceremony. Students are permitted one guest ticket.

Is the training virtual or in person?

We offer both virtual and in person training.

Do I need to have a zoom to participate in the course?

Yes. Students are encouraged to have a zoom account for the best Agate virtual experience.

Where can I find more details on each course?

We provide detailed course descriptions in the following link:

How much does the course cost?

Course prices vary depending on duration and season. Please see the website for the prices:

Do you offer one on one courses?

Yes. Agate does provide customized courses for departmental teams and individuals needing one on one support.

Are the Zoom classes recorded and available for replay?

Yes. The classes are recorded and available for replay for a certain duration.

How many instructors are there for the course?

Currently Agate Solutions has 7 expert instructors.

Is job assistance available?

Agate Solutions provides guidance on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, memberships, associations and networking to effectively support job searches.

What kind of job will this training course prepare me for?

The global logistics and international trade industry offer many job and entrepreneurial opportunities. Students seeking employment in this field will have the fundamental knowledge for job titles such as, Logistics Coordinator / Specialist, Global Logistics Analyst, International Inside Sales Representative, Import / Export Documentation Specialist, Classifications Specialist, Transportation Coordinator, International Trade Analyst, Trade Specialist, etc.

How can this training support my entrepreneurial goals?

The intensive course is designed to support business owner objectives. The intensive course has an extension which is customized distinct to business plans.

Do you offer an Ebook?

Yes. Currently Agate has an Ebook. Please see the following link:

Do you offer consultation?

Yes. Subject matter experts are available to provide you with one-on-one consultations. Please see website for one on one booking.

Is someone from your team available for speaking engagements?

Yes, please contact the office directly at 404.906.0025 or email us to discuss details.

How can I join the Agate team?

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, a mentor or consultant, please send your professional biography and the link to your LinkedIn profile to